See, Dimitri P. Zaphiriou. Postal history of the Ionian Islands, 1386-1864 


Cephalonia 38n10 20e28


   Franca rectangle 26.5x7.5 mm in black or red

   Crown/Paid at Cephalonia in green

   Letters DP in Greek in oval 25x12 mm in blue or green

   Kefallnia in Greek in oval 43x10.5 mm in blue or green


Cerigo 36n08 22e58


    Franca in double framed rectangular shape

    Kythrai in Greek in small double circle in blue


Corfu 39n37 19e54


    Franca in oval 31x12.5 mm in black

    Crown/Paid at Corfu in black, green, red, or blue

    Corfu in small double circle in same colors


Ithaca 38n22 20e42


    Ithaca in Greek in small double circle in blue


Levkas 38n49 20e41


    Franca in oval 32x14.5 mm in black

   Santa Maura in oval 41.5x13.25 mm in green, blue or black

    Levkas in Greek in small double circle in blue


Paxo 39n12 20e09


    Franca in rectangle 28x10 mm in red

    Paxo in oval in black or green


Zante 37n47 20e53


    Crown/Paid at Zante in green

    Franca in rectangle 28x7.5 mm in black an greenish-blue

    Greek letter DP in oval 27x12 mm

    Franca in oval 36x11 in black

    Crown/Zante in blue

    Zakynthos in Greek in large double circle in green or blue




Corfu in double circles 20x11.5, 18x11 and 17.5x11 mm (genuine 19x11.5 mm)

Franco (sic) in rectangle 30.5x8 mm

DP in Greek in double oval with inner oval 6.5 rather than 6 mm

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