CHINA Chungkwo Zhongguo 中國 Middle Kingdom  


Revised  August 14, 2016                                                            




List of Imperial Post Offices, Directorate General of Posts, 1906

China Postal Album, Directorate General of Posts, 1919. (with maps, not seen but should be most helpful)

Paul Ke-Shing Chang, A Concise Catalogue of Postal Cancellations of China (1872-1949). There are English and Chinese editions.

List of Post Offices, Directorate General of Posts, 1936 (English and Chinese)

There is a book in Chinese listing post offices.  Supposedly the URL is


This document may help philatelists decipher old native and bi-lingual postmarks.


The offices listed below are mostly first, second and third class post offices from the 1936 list published by the Directorate General of Posts. You will also find agencies with the municipal status of "hsien" (see below). Someday, the other agencies may be added but there are many of them, approaching 15,000 at that time.  A separate post office at a town's railway station is common and not all are listed as such.


Locations are by geographic coordinates in degrees and minutes, taken from databases and old atlases. There are inaccuracies as no two sources seem to agree as to location.  There have been changes in division boundaries, especially in Manchuria, and some are noted but not all.


There are several Romanization systems.  The Wade-Giles system is the basis for the 1912 dictionary and for Postal System Pinyin (which omits diacritic and accent marks).  Modern Pinyin is official as of 1979. 


Town names are listed in Postal System Pinyin with Modern Pinyin and alternative names in parentheses. Chinese characters are in the traditional form, as found in old cancellations, rather than the more recently introduced simplified form. Some modern ideographs may have slipped in by mistake.

The “translations” are very rough, ignore compounds, and no doubt are wrong enough in some cases as to be humorous.  Some character strings cannot be translated as they are phonetic renditions of foreign words, such as Mongolian.  Many place names incorporate names of families, rivers and mountains whose original meanings are lost in antiquity.


Not all characters could be found in a single typeface.


In the 1936 list, "hsien" ("xian") meant a city.  Now, the word means "county" and a county may come under the jurisdiction of a city.  This is confusing to westerners so, for the most part, "hsien" is translated as "city" below.  Atlases often use a county name, city name, or urban township for the same place on the map. Thus, there may be several post office listings for one geographic location.


Postmarks usually read from right to left and top to bottom. As is customary, the place names below read from left to right.


ü = indicates a character has two tones


Imperial Post Branch Office 政分局

1897 surcharge on postage stamps: Zan zuo yang yin er fen 暂作洋银貳分 temporary foreign silver two points for (surcharge reads top to bottom starting on the right)

1897 surcharge on red revenue stamps:  Ta Ching Yu Chu 大清Great Qing Dynasty Imperial Post Office (surcharge reads right to left)




Some words in Postal System Pinyin followed by simplified and traditional Chinese characters:


A - father

Ai - jasper

Ai - cliff

An – safe

An - shore

An - saddle

An - Buddhist monastery

Ang - high

Ao – bay

Bao 宝 寶 - jewel

Ben - hurry  

Bin 滨 濱 - shore, beach

Bue - tail

Cha - inspect

Cha - branch

Cha - watergate

Chai - camp

Chai - stockade

Chai - firewood

Chan - station

Chan - ancient

Chang - clear

Chang - common

Chang –prosperous

Chang -  long

Changcheng 長城 - Great Wall of China

Chang -   – open up

Chao    – imperial order

Chao - illustrious

Chao –nest

Chao - tide

Chao - face

Chao - surname

Chao -shine

Che –winding

Che - Cudrania

Che 车 車 – wagon, railway

Chechan (Chezhan) 車站 - railway station

Chek - store

Chen - tremor

Chen - true              

Chen   - small town

Cheng - justice

Cheng - district name

Cheng - summon

Cheng 郑 鄭 - serious

Cheng – city

Cheng - complete

Cheng - carry, continue

Chi - to hope

Chi - gather

Chi - chicken

Chi - aid, ferry

Chi - draw  

Chi – red, bare

Chi - seven

Chi - pacify

Chia – beautiful

Chia - home, family

Chiao 桥 橋 – bridge

Chieh - street    

Chien - thousand

Chien matter

Chien - pointed

Chien - arrow

Chien - front

Chih – pool

Chih - wisdom

Chih - sign

Chih - medicinal root             

Chin - royal

Chin - gold

Chin 镇 鎮 – small town

Ching –pure, clear

Ching - well

Chiu - nine

Chiung 琼 瓊  - beautiful

Cho  – cut gems

Chong - sunlight

Chou – prefecture

Chow –complete

Chu  - many –

Chu reside, place

Chu - name of a river

Chu - vermillion

Chu - bamboo

Chü - plant

Chu - tree trunk

Chu - resided, stationed

Chu - thoroughfare

Chu - ditch

Chüan -whole

Chüan Cho -   全戳 full stamp (socked on the nose cancel)    

Chuan – boat, ship

Chüan - fountain, spring

Chuang 荘 莊– village   

Chün - river

Chun - furrow

Chun - springtime, life

Chung – middle

Chung Hwa Min Kwo  中華民國 (1912 Republic overprint)

Chung - heavy, serious

Chung – betel

Chung - clock

Chung  - fulfill

Chung - esteem

Chwan – river

Chwang 庄 荘 莊-village

Dao - road

Do - capital city

Do - many

E - flatter

En - kindness

Er - son

Er 尔 爾 – thus, you

Erh – two

Fa - law

Fan - fence

Fang - square, direction

Fang - house

Fang - fragrant

Fang - city ward

Fei - fat, fertile

Fen - fragrant

Feng – phoenix

Feng – peak

Feng - peak

Feng - maple

Feng – wind, custom

Feng   - abundant

Feng to grant

Feng – to receive

Fo - Buddha

Fow – abundant

Fow - jetty

Fow - float

Fu - abundant

Fu - repeat

Fu - steady

Fu - palace

Fu – wealth

Fu - good fortune

Fu 抚 撫 – comfort

Ha - laughter

Ha- lower

Hai - sea                                                 

Han - Han River/Dynasty

Han - contain

Han – district name

Hang –surname

Hang - lane

Hei - black

Heng – weigh

Heng - across

Hi - river

Hing flourish

Hiung  - strong

Ho - together

Ho - river

Ho - solid

Ho - to join, fit

How – queen

How - marquis

Hsia - pass, gorge   

Hsia - tall building

Hsia - lower

Hsiang 乡鄉 – village

Hsiang - assist      

Hsiao - small

Hsien   provincial capital, county

Hsien - worthy

Hsiung - heroic

Hsu - under

Hu – lake

Hu - bottle gourd

Hu - (surname), beard

Hu - tiger

Hu - breathe

- town

Hua - flower

Huang, Hwang - yellow

Hwang - name of a river

Hui – emblem

Hui, Wai 惠 恵 - beneficial

Hui - whirlpool

Hun - jade

Hung – flood

Huo - fire

Hwa, Fa - transform

Hwa - flower

Hwa 桦 樺 - birch

Hwa - magnificent

Hwa - comical

Hwai - capture

Hwai 怀 懷 - bosom                                            

Hwei – emblem

Hwei - beneficial

Hwei – splendor

Hwei – grey, ash

Hwei, Hui

I  ebony

I - ceremony

I - righteousness

I - one

I - near

I  - proper

I - he, she

Jao 饶 饒 - to spare

Jen – humane

Jen - appoint

Ji - sun, day

Ji - gather

Jong - fit

Ju - comply

Jui - wind

Jun - sleek

Jung - honored

Jung - banyon tree

Ka - subdue

Kai - open

Kai - canopy

Kai - street

Kai - circles

Kan - dry

Kan - threshold

Kan - pleasant, sweet

Kan - to feel

Kang post, ridge

Kang - harbor

Kang - peaceful

Kao – high

Kao - marsh

Kar - tenth

Kash - pond

Ke - restrain

Kee - wing

Keng – pit

Ki – foundation

Ki - superlative

Ki - fork in road

Ki – garment  

Ki - pray

Ki - flag

Ki - attain

Ki 谿 - creek

Ki - creek

Ki – lucky

Ki - hope

Kia - home, family

Kia - exactly

Kia – excellent

Kia - excellent

Kiang - river

Kiang - ginger

Kiang - harbor

Kiang - purple-red

Kiang – border

Kiao - bridge

Kiao – pepper

Kiao - horn

Kiao – intersect

Kie - lift off

Kieh - between

Kieh - section

Kien – establishment

Kien - simple

Kien   -  sword

Kien - bamboo waterpipe

Kien - between

Kien - bullock  

Kien - strong

Kin – gold

Kin 锦 錦 - bright

King - name of a river

King - peaceful

King 庆 慶 - celebrate

King - bright

King – thorns

King - thorns

Kio   - really

Kiu – nine

Kiu - Confucius

Kiu -hill

Kiu -wine

Ko – subdue

Ko - branch

Ko 阁 閣 - shelf

Ko - each

Kong - river

Kong 冈 岡 - mound

Kow - mouth

Kow   - ditch

Ku - cow

Kü - song, bend

Ku -  strong

Ku - valley

Ku - buy, sell

Ku - sentence

Ku - drum

Ku   - warehouse

Ku - ancient times

Kuan - official

Kuan 关 關 - mountain pass

Kun – Skimmia

Kun - equal

Kun – older brother

Kun - Kunlun Mountains

Kun - jade

Kung - offer

Kung - solid    

Kung – public

Kung   – salute, arch

Kung – tribute  

Kung - palace

Kuo - outer wall

Kwa - melon

Kwan - government

Kwan - wide

Kwan - heron

Kwan - crown

Kwang  - light

Kwang - mine

Kwang 广 - wide

Kwei – cinnamon

Kwei - return

Kwei - stride

Kwei   -noble

Kwo 涡 渦 –name of a river

Kwo   - country, kingdom

La - pull

Lai - disclaim

Lai - come

Lai - chenopodium

Lam - forest

Lam - olive

Lan – orchid

Lan - name of mountain

Lang – porch

Lang - open

Lao - old

Lao - name of river?, old

Li – beautiful

Li - calendar

Li  - pear

Li - calabash

Li 里 裡 half-kilometer

Li - carp

Li - reason

Li - stand

Li - face

Li - sharp, benefit

Li - name of a river

Liang 凉 涼 –cool

Liang - mountain range, ridge

Liang - bridge

Liao 辽 遼– distant

Liao –to chat

Lien 连 連 – to join

Lin – forest

Lin - neighbor

Lin - face

Ling – nimble

Ling - remnant

Ling - alert

Ling – mountain range

Ling - water caltrop

Liu – six

Liu - clear

Liu - stay

Liu 刘 劉 - to kill

Liu - deep

Liu - willow

Lo –name of a river

Lo – Net, family name                                         

Lo - cheerful

Lo - name of a river

Long, Loon - dragon

Lou - building

Low - family name

Lu 炉 爐 - stove

Lu - road

Lu - ignorant

Lu – reed

Lu - belly, skin

Lu 鹿 - deer

Lu - journey

Lu - name of a river

Lu – cottage

Lu 连 連 - join                         

Lu 驴 驢 donkey

Lu - land

Lun - human relationship

Lung 龙 龍 -dragon

Lung - prosperous

Lung -grand

Lwan - Koelreuteria

Lwan – overflow, name of a river

Ma - horse

Ma – tingling, hemp

Mao - fur

Mao - hat

Mei – eyebrow

Mei - plum flower

Mei - beautiful

Men – gate

Men - writing

Meng - oldest brother

Meng Mongolia

Mi – secret, thick

Miao - temple            

Mien  - finish

Mien  -face

Min    compassionate

Min the people

Min – name of a river

Ming  - place

Ming – bright

Mo - do not

Mo - ink stick

Mow - luxuriant

Mow - usurp, barley

Mu -tree

Mu - grave

Mu –male

Mu – female

Muk - abundant     

Na - accept, pay

Nai - be

Nan - south

Nao - mud         

Nei - inner

Ni - name of a river

Ni - mud

Nian - year

Niang - mother               

Ning 宁 寧– tranquil

Ning - peaceful

Niu - cow

- woman

Nung - farming

O - Hupeh

Ow - bowl

Ow – root of lotus

Pa – eight

Pa kua  八卦 barred cancel, based upon the eight trigrams used in Taoist cosmology

Pa – rule by strength

Pa 坝 壩 - dam

Pa - to hope

Pai – white

Pai - worship

Pai - hundred

Pai - signboard

Pan – tray

Panlung  coiling dragon (1897, 1898 stamp issues)

Pang - help

Pao – to cover

Pao - to defend

Pao - treasure

Pao - bud

Peh - north

Pe i- abundant

Pei – north

Pei - reservoir

Pen - source

Peng - oysters

Peng - ascend

Piao – ticket, bank note

Pi - fur

Pi - complete

Pien - boundary

Pin - visitor

Pin - shore  

Ping - vase

Ping - screen

Ping --

Ping - peace

Ping – duckweed

Ping - third

Po - abundant

Po - prosperous

Po - oldest brother

Po - hundred

Po - anchor

Po - name of a lake

Po - slope

Po - Shang Dynasty Capital

Po - wave

Pu – jetty

Pu port

Pu - fort

Pu - shore

Pu 铺 鋪 - store

Pu - calamus, rush

Pu - place name

Pu - name of a river

Pu - declare

Ra – to play

San - three

Sang -

Sha - sand

Shan – mountain

Shan - Shaansi

Shan - Swatow

Shan - cedar

Shan - lone

Shang - upper

Shang - esteem

Shang - commerce

Shao – place name

Shao - join

She - buy on credit

Shen – contain, flourishing

Shen - deep

Shen -juice, water

Sheng - victorious

Shih stone

Shih - start

Shih –market

Shih - division

Shih – ten

Shih - thing

Shih - clan name

Shih distribute

Shih lion

Shing - flourishing

Show - guard

Show 寿 - Shou River

Show - head

Shu - relax

Shu - name of a river

Shu - familiar

Shu - tree

Shui - water

Shun 顺 順 - to obey

Shun - surname

Shwang 双 雙- pair

Si, She  – name of district

Si – pitter-patter, sound of rain

Si - roost

Si – four

Si 西 – west

Sia – gorge

Sia - name of a town

Sia - summer

Siang - lane

Siang - name of a river

Siang - soar

Siang - fragrant

Siang 乡 鄉 township

Siang - assist

Siang - auspicious

Siao – little

Siao – filial

Siao - mournful

Sien – immortal

Sien   offering

Sien - all

Sih - tin

Sin   – new

Sin - mind

Sin - tired

Sin - happy

Sin – true    

Sing – flourish

Sing - star

Sing - capable

Sing - place name

Sing - gorge

Siu - build

Siu - rest

Song 双 雙 - pair

Ssu  - think

Su – respectful

Su - name of a river

– gentle

Su - awakening

Su - overflowing

– assist

Su 宿 - lodge

Süan – announce

Sueh - cave

Sui - stare

Sui 绥 綏 – pacify

Sui - follow

Sun - sign

Sun - grandson

Sun (Xin) - new

Sung - pine

Swa - Swatow

Sze – four

Sze - temple

Sze - this

Sze - stream which returns after branching

Ta - great

Ta - dozen

Ta 达 達 - attain

Ta - pagoda

Tai – fat

Tai - platform

Tai platform

Tai – carex

Tai - safe

Tai - generation, dynasty

Tan 郸 鄲 - method

Tan - red

Tan -altar

Tan – deep

Tang  Tang Dynasty

Tang - suitable

Tang, Tong - pond

Tang - soup

Tao – sword

Tao - cleanse, name of river

Tao - peach

Tao 岛 島 – island

Tao - pleased

Tao - road

Teh – virtue

Teh - platform

Teng - ancient state

Teng - soar

Ti – base

Ti –direct, follow

Ti - dike

Tian - heaven

Tieh 铁 鐵 - iron

Tien - field

Tien - imperial domain

Tien- store, inn  

Ting - vigorous

Ting - pavilion

Ting - calm

Ting - courtyard

Toi - tenth, fit

Tong -hall

Tow  - head

Tow - pile

Tow - fight

Tsai - gather, pick

Tsai   - year, load

Tsang 沧 滄 - blue

Tsang - storehouse   

Tsao – early

Tsao   - jujube tree

Tsao - company

Tsao - canal

Tseh 泽 澤 - marsh

Tsi - seven

Tsi - approach

Tsi - gather

Tsi 齐 齊 - even

Tsi – aid, ferry

Tsiao - burnt

Tsien - thousand

Tsien - move

Tsin - name of a dynasty

Tsin - ferry

Tsin - assemble

Tsin - forward

Tsin - ooze

Tsing - well

Tsing - quiet

Tsing – clear, pure

Tsing 青 靑 – blue, green

Tso – rise

Tsow 邹 鄒 - district name

Tsow - run

Tsun - village

Tsun - obey

Tsung - dignified

Tsung 从 從 - follow, crowd

Tu - earth

Tu - from, follow

Tu 图圖 - plan

Tu - degree, standard

Tu – capital city

Tu - ferry

Tuh - alone

Tun - kind-hearted

Tung – east

Tung – high

Tung  - supervise, family name

Tung - connect

Tung   – copper

Tung - cave

Tung - similar

Tung - name of a mountain

Tung - Aleurites

Twan - Society

Twan - hamlet

Tze - child

Tze – gentle

Tze - Name of river

Tze - porcelain

Tzu - from

Tzu - property

Wa - tile

Wai - favor

Wan - bay, gulf

Wan – ten thousand

Wang - emperor

Wang - hope

Wang – king

Wang - expanse of water

Wei  - latitude

Wei - power

Wei - dike

Wei - protect

Wei - preserve

Wei –for, become

Wei 苇 葦- reed

Wen - warm

Wen - literature, family name

Whei -  - concourse

Wo - fertile

Wu – name of province

Wu  - weedy

Wu - dance

Wu - no

Wu - crow, black

Wu five

Wu - military

Wu - sterculia

Wui - capital city

Ya   - elegant

Yam - royal

Yang  ocean                 

Yang – sun, yin (of yin and yang)

Yang  – capital city

Yang - raise

Yao   - distant

Yao - surname

Yao - kiln

Yao 耀 - brilliant

Yeh - field

Yen - cliff

Yen  - salt

Yen - salt

Yen - stop

Yen  - smoke

Yen - dam

Yen - prolong

Yen - elegant

Yeung –sun

Yi - righteousness

Yi - village

Yi - benefit

Yi – proper

Yih - one

Yin overcast, yin (of yin and yang)

Yin - silver

Ying 鹰 鷹 - eagle

Ying - flower

Ying - answer

Ying – army, trade

Ying – ocean  

Ying - satisfy

Ying – intelligence

Yiu - necessary

Yo - mountain

Yu - have

Yu - fish

– jewel

Yu - elm

Yu – name of a mountain

- tulip

Yu - - swim

Yu - reminder

Yu – mail

Yu  zheng ju 郵政局  post office, found in box cancels

– elm tree

Yu – right

Yu - remain

Yu   - live, residence

Yüan - courtyard

Yüan - source

Yüan - wall

Yüan - distant

Yuan 元 原 primary

Yüan – park

Yuan – name of a river

Yüan 园 園 - garden

Yueh – month, moon

Yueh -surpass

Yün 云 雲 – cloud

Yun - name of a feudal state

Yun - source

Yun - transport

Yün - city, county

Yung – forever

Yung - heroic, male

Yung - harmonious

Za   – dam, sluice

Zin - steep bank



PROVINCES - Quick Province Finder

ANHWEI - Anhui 

CHEKIANGZhejiang 浙江

FUKIEN – Fujian 福建

HONANHenan 河南

HOPEH – Hebei 河北 (CHIH-LI Zhili  直隸)

HUNANHunan 湖南

HUPEH – Hubei 湖北

JEHOL Rehe 熱河 


KIANGSIJiangxi 江西

KIANGSU – Jiangsu 江蘇

KWANGSI  - Guangxi 廣西

KWANGTUNGGuangdong 廣東

KWEICHOWGuizhou 貴州





SHANSIShanxi 山西

SHANTUNG – Shandong 山東

SHENSI – Shaanxi 陕西

SIKANG - Xikang 西康

SINKIANG – Xinjiang 新疆

SZECHWANSichuan 四川

TSINGHAIQinghai 青海  

YUNNAN - Yunnan 雲南  


KOREA Hanguo 韩国




ANHWEI Anhui   Peaceful Emblem

  • Changchieh (Changjie) sub-office in Wuhu
  • Changlinho (Changlinhe) 長臨河 31n41 117e27 Long Face River
  • Changpalin (Zhangbaling) 八嶺 near Chuzhou  Open Eight Ridge
  • Chaohsien (Chaohu 巢湖) 31n36 117e51 Nest City, Nest Lake
  • Chekao (Zhegao) 31n46 117e44 Cudrania Marsh
  • Chengyangkwan (Zhengyangguan) 陽關 32n29 116e32 Justice Sun Pass
  • Chihteh (Zhide) 30n09 117e00 Virtue Arrive
  • Chiki (Jixi) 績溪 (Huayang 華陽) 30n04 118e36 Pacify Creek, Magnificent Sun
  • Chüantsiao (Quanjiao) 全椒 32n05 118e15 Everything Spices 
  • Chuchai 朱寨(Xueji, Funan 阜南) 32n38 115e34 Vermillion Stockade, Abundant South
  • Chuhsien (Chuxian) (Chuchow, Chuzhou) 32n19 118e18 Chu River City
  • Chungmiao (Zhongmiao) 31n35 117e27 Devotion Temple
  • Chuyi (Xuyi) 盱貽 33n01 118e28 (now in Jiangsu) Astonishing Gift 
  • Fanchang 31n05 118e11 Difficult Prosperous
  • Fengtai 鳳臺 32n42 116e42 Phoenix Lookout
  • Fengyang 鳳陽 32n53 117e32 Phoenix Sun 
  • Fowyang (Fuyang) 32n55 115e48 Abundant Sun
  • Fulitsi (Fuliji)  符離集 33n45 116e58  Symbol Depart Gather
  • Hanshan 含山 31n42 118e05 Cherish Mountain  
  • Hohsien (Hexian) 和縣 (Liyang 歷陽) 31n43 118e21 Together City, History Sun
  • Holiki (Helixi) 河瀝溪 30n37 118e58 River Trickle Creek
  • Hukow (Hugou) near Sixian 宿33n29 117e53                                            
  • Hwaian 懷安 33n30 119e07 Bosom Safe
  • Hwaining 懷寧 (Nganking, Anking 安慶) 30n30 117e02 Bosom Tranquil, Safe Celebrate
  • Hwaiyüan 32n57 117e10 Bosom Distant    
  • Hwatsi (Huaji) 32n45 115e22 Comical Fair
  • Hwokiu (Huoqiu) 霍邱 32n20 116e15 Huo Hill
  • Hwoshan (Huoshan) 31n23 116e19 Huo Mountain
  • Ihsien (Yixian) 黟縣 (Biyang) 29n56 117e56 Ebony City
  • Imentsi (Yimenji, Yimen) 義門33n38 116e01 Charity Gate Gather
  • Kaishowtsi (jieshouji, Jieshou) 33n15 115e19 Circles Head Gather
  • Kiashan (Jiashan) 嘉山 32n33 118e14 Excellent Mountain     
  • Kimen 祁門 (Qishan ) 29n51 117e42 Qi Gate, Qi Mountain
  • Kinghsien (Jingxian) 涇縣 30n42 118e24 Jing River City
  • Kinshentun (Jinshendun) 金神墩 30n54 116e59 Gold God Mound
  • Kiulungkang (Jiulonggang) 九龍崗 32n38 117e04 Nine Dragon Post
  • Kuchen (Guzhen) 固鎮 33n18 117e18  Strong Town
  • Kungcheng (Kongcheng) 31n01 117e00 Great City
  • Kwangteh (Guangde) 廣德 (Taozhou 桃州) 30n54 119e25 Broad Virtue
  • Kweichih (Guichi) (Chizhou 池州) 30n39 117e29 Noble Pool
  • Kwoyang (Guoyang) 渦陽 33n31 116e12  Guo River Sunshine
  • Laian (Lai'an)  來安 32n27 118e25 Come Safe
  • Langki (Langxi) 郎溪  31n08 119e10 Gentleman Creek
  • Langkiaoho (Langqiaohe, Langqiao) 30n28 118e27 Betel-nut Bridge River
  • Lantien (Lantian) 藍田 29n54 118e05 Blue Field
  • Liangyüan 梁園 31n58 117e33 Bridge Garden
  • Lihwang (Lihuang) 煌立 (Jinzhaizhen, Jinzhai 金寨) 31n31 115e45 Bright Establish, Gold Stockade
  • Linchüan (Linquan)  臨泉 33n03 115e14 Approach Spring
  • Lingpi (Lingbi) 靈璧 33n32 117e33 Spirit Jade  
  • Lingyangchen (Linyangzhen, Lingyang) 陵陽鎮 30n25 117e52 Bright Sun Town
  • Linhwaikwan (Linhuaiguan) 臨淮關 32n54 117e37 Lin River Sea Pass
  • Linhwantsih (Linhuanji) 渙集 33n41 116e32 
  • Liuan (Lu'an) 六安 31n48 116e30 Six Safe
  • Lohho (Luohe, Luohejie) 洛河  洛河街 32n41 117e03 Luo River
  • Luchowfu (Luchow 廬州,Anhui City, Hofei,Hefei 合肥) 31n51 117e16 Cottage City, Fit Fertile   
  • Lukiang (Lujiang) 31n15 117e17 Cottage River
  • Lukiao (Luqiao) 爐橋 32n32 117e13 Stove Bridge
  • Lungfow (Longfu) 29n42 118e18 Grand Abundant
  • Maanshan 馬鞍山 31n43 118e29 Horse Saddle Mountain
  • Mafow (Mabu) 蔴埠 31n34 116e04  Hemp Jetty
  • Malu 馬路 sub-office in Wuhu   Horse Road
  • Maolintsun (Maolincun, Maolin) 茂林30n30 118e14 Luxuriant Forest Village
  • Matowchen (Matouzhen) 頭鎮 near Xuancheng  宣城 30n57 118e45 Horse Head Town
  • Matowcheng (Matoucheng) 32n52 117e11 Horse Head City    
  • Mengcheng 蒙城 33n16 116e33 Mongolia City
  • Mentaitze (Mentaizi) 32n55 117e31 Gate Platform Child   
  • Mingkwang (Mingguang) 32n47 117e59 Bright Light
  • Mutien (Mudian) 墓店? near Hefei  31n51 117e16 Grave Inn
  • Nanling 南陵 30n56 118e20 South Nimble  
  • Ningkwo (Ningkuo) 寧國 (Süancheng, Xuancheng , Xuanzhou 宣城) 30n57 118e45 Tranquil Country, Declare City
  • Okiao (Eqiao) 31n11 118e16 Lofty Bridge
  • Owtang (Outang) 藕塘 32n24 117e54 Root of Lotus Pond
  • Pehan (Beian, Bei'anzhen) 北岸 29n54 118e34  
  • Peipinglu 北平路 sub-office in Wuhu
  • Pengpu (Bengbu) 蚌埠 (Pangfou) 32n56 117e27 Clam Wharf
  • Pohsien (Boxian) (Bozhou) 33n53 115e46 Shang Dynasty Capital City
  • Sanho (Sanhe) 三河  32n39 117e55
  • Shahotsi (Shaheji, Shahe)  沙河集 32n25 118e15 Sand River Gather
  • Shangkikow (Shangxikou, Xikou) 溪口 29n41 118e04 Upper Creek Mouth
  • Shengpingkai sub-office of Pengpu   Peaceful Peace Street
  • Shentu (Shendu) 深渡 29n52 118e37   Deep Ferry
  • Shihpaichen (Shipai) 石牌鎮 30n25 116e39 Stone Game Pieces Town
  • Showhsien (Shouxian) 壽縣 (Showchow, Shouyang ) 32n34 116e46 Shou River City, Shou River Sun
  • Shuanglienszechieh 寺街 sub-office in Hwaining   Pair Lotus Temple Street                                 
  • Shucheng 舒城 31n28 116e56 Relax City
  • Siangan (Xiang'an) 襄安 31n11 117e45 Assist Safe
  • Siaoki (Xiaoxi) 小溪 32n51 117e49 Little Creek
  • Siatangtsi (Xiatangji) 下塘集 32n12 117e12 Lower Pond Gather
  • Siatsun (Xiacun) near Qingyang 30n38 117e50  Summer Village  
  • Sihsien (Shexian) (Huicheng 徽城) 29n52 118e26 She District City, Insignia City
  • Siuning (Xiuning) 休寧 (Haiyang 海陽) 29n49 118e12 Rest Tranquil, Ocean Sun
  • Süancheng (Xuancheng)  宣城 30n57 118e45  Announce City
  • Suhsien (Sixian) 宿(Suchow 宿州) 33n29 116e53 Lodge City
  • Suikikow (Suixikou, Suixi) 溪口 33n55 116e46 Sui Creek Mouth
  • Suitung (Shuidong) 水東 30n47 118e57 Water East
  • Suiyang (Shuiyang) 水陽 31n14 118e47 Water Sun
  • Sukiafow (Sujiabu) 蘇家埠 31n38 116e20  Su Family Jetty
  • Sunkiapu (Sunjiabu) 孫家埠 30n53 118e53 Sun Family Jetty  
  • Susung (Susong) 宿松 30n09 116e07 Lodge Pine
  • Szefanghung (Sifanghung) 四方--sub-office in Tatung
  • Szehsien (Sixian) 33n28 117e52 Si River City
  • Taiho (Taihe) 太和  33n10 115e37 Fat Together
  • Taihu 太湖 30n26 116e16 Fat Lake
  • Taiping  太平 near Rongcheng 30n38 117e50 Fat Peace (Pacific)
  • Taipingszechieh 太平寺sub-office in Hwaining  Fat Peace (Pacific)  Temple Street
  • Tangkiakow (Tangjiagou) 30n49 117e29  Tang Family Ditch
  • Tangtu (Dangtu) 當塗 31n34 118e29 Suitable Follow
  • Tanyangchen (Danyangzhen) 31n38 118e40 Red Sun Town
  • Taokichen (Taoxizhen, Taoxi) 溪鎮 31n33 116e58 Peach Creek Town
  • Tatukow (Dadukou) 大渡口 30n30 117e03  Great Ferry Mouth     
  • Tatung (Datong) 大通 30n49 117e44 Great Connect
  • Tienchang (Tianchang) 天長 32n41 118e59 Heaven Long
  • Tienfow (Dianbu) 店埠 31n52 117e27 Inn Port
  • Tienkiaan (Tianjia'an) 田家庵 (Huainan 淮南) 32n39 117e01 Tian Family Buddhist Monastery, Huai River South 
  • Tikangchen (Digangzhen, Digang) 荻港鎮 31n07 118e00 Reed Harbor Town  
  • Tingyüan (Dingyuan)  定遠 32n33 117e30 Calm Distant
  • Tsaishih (Caishi) 采石 31n39 118e27 Gather Stone
  • Tsiangpa (Jiangba) 蔣壩 33n07 118e43 (now in Jiangsu) Jiang Family Embankment
  • Tsienshan (Qianshan) 潛山 30n37 116e34 Hidden Mountain
  • Tsingikiang (Qingyijiang)  清弋(Yijiangzhen 江鎮) near 30n55 118e29 Clear Catch River
  • Tsingteh (Chingte, Jingde) 旌德 30n17 118e32 Cite Virtue
  • Tsingtsaoke (Qingcaoge) 靑草 30n51 116e44 Pure Straw --
  • Tsingyang (Qingyang) (Rongcheng) 30n38 117e50 Blue Sun
  • Tsitsunkai (Jicunjie, Jicun) 際村街  29n51 117e42 Border Village
  • Tsiwu (Qiwu) 齊武 near Huicheng 29n52 118e26 Qi State Military
  • Tsungyangchen (Zongyangzhen, Zongyang) 樅陽鎮 30n42 117e12 Fir Tree Sun Town
  • Tungcheng (Tongcheng) 桐城 31n02 116e56 Aleurites City
  • Tungling (Tongling) 銅陵 30n57 117e46 Copper Nimble
  • Tungliu (Dongliu)  東流 30n12 116e54 East Universal
  • Tunki (Tunxi) 屯溪 29n42 118e18 Village Creek
  • Wanan (Wan'an) 萬安 29n48 118e10 Ten Thousand Safe
  • Wanchih (Wanzhi) 湾沚 31n11 118e30 Bend Islet
  • Wangkiang (Wangjiang) 30n07 116e40 Hope River
  • Wuhu (Wuhe) 五河 33n08 117e53  Five Rivers
  • Wuhu 蕪湖 芜湖 31n20 118e21 Weedy Lake
  • Wukiang (Wujiang) 烏江 31n52 118e27 Crow River
  • Wuwei 無為 (Wucheng 無城) 31n18 117e54 No Become
  • Wuyi 烏衣 32n13 118e25 Black Clothing
  • Yehkiatsi (Yejiaji, Yeji) 家集 31n51 115e54 Ye Family Gather
  • Yingshang 潁上 nnn Ying River Upper
  • Yinkiahwei (Yinjiahui) 殷家匯 30n29 117e21 Yin Family Converge
  • Yosi (Yuexi) 岳西 (Tiantang) 32n41 115e43
  • Yüntsao (Yuncao) 運漕 31n26 118e05 Transport Canal
  • Yushihchieh (Yushijie)  魚市路 sub-office in Wuhu    Fish Market Road
  • Yüting 29n51 117e58 Fish Pavilion


CHEKIANGZhejiang 浙江 Winding River 城杭

  • Anchang 30n09 120e29 Safe Prosperous
  • Anchi (Anji) 安吉 (Dipu 遞鋪) 30n37 119e40 Safe Joy  Deliver Store
  • Chaikiao (Chaiqiao)   29n52 121e55 Firewood Bridge
  • Chaki (Chakai? Chaxi?) 垞溪 near Jiande   Cha Creek
  • Changan 30n27 120e26 Long Safe
  • Changhing (Changxing) 長興 (Zhicheng--) 31n04 119e54 Long Flourish
  • Changhwa (Changhua) 30n10 119e12 Prosperous Transform
  • Changkiao (Zhangqiao) near Ningbo 29n55 121e34?
  • Changshan (Tianma 天麻) 28n54 118e30 Chang Mountain, Heaven Hemp
  • Chapu (Zhapu) 乍浦 30n36 121e04 First Time Shore
  • Chenghsien (Shengxian) 嵊縣 (Shengzhou) 29n35 120e48 Sheng District City
  • Chinghofang 清河坊 sub-office in Hangchow   Clear River Square
  • Chinhai (Zhenhai) 鎮海 29n57 121e43 Town Sea
  • Chowhong (Zhouhang) 周巷 30n09 121e02 Complete Lane
  • Chuhsien (Chuchow, Quzhou 衢州) 28n58 118e51 Thoroughfare District
  • Chuki (Zhuji) 諸暨 29n43 120e14 Many Attain
  • Fenghwa (Fenghua) 奉化 29n39 121e24
  • Fengkiao (Fengqiao) 楓橋 29n47 120e23 Maple Tree Bridge
  • Fenshui 分水 29n56 119e26 Divide Water
  • Fotang 佛堂 29n12 120e00 Buddha Hall
  • Fusiaokiao (Huxiaoqiao) 虎嘯30n40 121e09
  • Fuyang 富陽 30n03 119e56 Wealth Sun
  • Haimen 海門 (Jiaojiang 椒江) 28n40 121e25 Sea Gate, Pepper River
  • Haining 海寧 (Hsiashih, Xiashi--) 30n32 120e41 Sea Tranquility
  • Haiyen (Haiyan, Wuyuan) 海鹽 30n31 120e56 Sea Salt
  • Hanghsien (Hangchow, Hangzhou  杭州) 30n15 120e10 Hang City
  • Hangtung Shop, Hantung Arcade (Hangtong Shangchang)  杭通商場
  • Hushan (Tzeki, Cixi 慈溪) 30n13 121e14 Riverbank Mountain, Benevolent Creek
  • Hushih --sub-office in Hangchow         
  • Hwangyen (Huangyan) 黃巖 28n39 121e16  Yellow Cave
  • Hwapu (Huabu) 華埠 29n01 118e20 Flowery Port
  • Hweichengtakiao (Huizhengdaqiao) 惠政大near Fenghua 奉化 29n39 121e24 Beneficial Government Great Bridge
  • Ikiao (Yiqiao) 30n04 120e11  Charity Bridge  
  • Iwu (Yiwu) 義烏 29n19 120e04 Charity Black
  • Jihsinchieh (Xixinjie) 日新sub-office in Ningpo   Sun New Street                           
  • Juian (Ruian) 瑞安 27n47 129e38 Wind Safe
  • Kaihwa (Kaihua) 開化 29n08 118e24 Open Transform
  • Kangkow (Gangkou) 港口 near Chunan 29n37 119e03 Harbor Mouth           
  • Kashan (Jiashan) 嘉善 (Weitang 魏塘) 30n51 120e54 Excellent Kind, Wei Kingdom Pond
  • Kashing (Kiasing, Jiaxing 嘉興) 30n46 120e45 Excellent Flourish
  • Kenshamen (Genshamen) sub-office in Hangchow
  • Kiachih (Jiazhi) 葭沚 28n41 121e24
  • Kiangkow (Jiangkou) 江口  near Ninghsien
  • Kiangshan (Jiangshan)   28n44 118e50 River Mountain
  • Kienkiao (Jianqiao) 筧橋 30n19 120e13   Bamboo Waterpipe Bridge 
  • Kienteh (Jiande) 建德 29n33 119e29 Establishment Virtue
  • Kikow (Xikou) 溪口 Creek Mouth many
  • Kingning (Jingning) 景寧 (Hexi 鶴溪) 27n57 119e38 Bright Tranquil, Crane Creek
  • Kingyüan (Qingyuan) 慶原 (Songyuan 鬆源) 27n37 119e03 Celebrate Primary, Song River Source
  • Kinhwa (Jinhua) 金華 29n06 119e39 Gold Magnificent
  • Kokiao (Keqiao) 30n04 120e27 Handle Bridge
  • Kuanhsiangkou sub-office in Hangchow    Government Lane Mouth
  • Kuaotow (Gu'aotou) 古鰲presumably upstream from Aojiang 27n36 120e32  Ancient Ao River Head
  • Kulowchien 鼓樓前 sub-office in Ningpo  Drum Building Front                  
  • Kungchenkiao (Gongchenqiao) 拱宸 30n19 120e08 Arch Fifth Earthly Branch Bridge
  • Kwanhaiwei (Guanhaiwei) 觀海衛 near Cixi 30n13 121e14 View Sea Protect  
  • Lanchi (Lanxi) 29n12 119e27 Orchid Creek
  • Leitien (Leidian) 30n33 120e07 Lei Imperial Domain
  • Linan (Lin'an) 臨安30n13 119e42 Approach Safe
  • Linghu  30n43 120e10 Water Caltrop Lake
  • Linhai 臨海 (Taichow 台州) 28n50 121e06 Approach Sea, Platform City
  • Linping 臨平 30n25 120e17 Approach Peace
  • Linpu 30n02 120e15 Approach Shore
  • Lishui麗水 (Chuchow ) 28n27 119e55 Beautiful Water, Reside City
  • Lisihu --西sub-office in Hangchow
  • Lotokiao (Luotuoqiao)  駱駝橋 (Luotuozhen 駱駝鎮) 29n59 121e35 Camel Humpbacked Bridge
  • Lukiao (Luqiao) 路橋 28n34 121e22 Road Bridge
  • Lungchüan (Longquan) 龍泉 28n05 119e09 Dragon Spring
  • Lunghsiangkiao sub-office in Hangchow    Dragon Soar Bridge                   
  • Lungyu (Longyou) 龍游 29n02 119e11 Dragon Swim
  • Maan (Ma'an) 馬鞍 30n08 120e34 Horse Saddle                          
  • Mokanshan (Moganshan) 莫干山 30n36 119e52 Do Not Dry Mountain
  • Nansingkiao (Nanxingqiao) 南星  near Hangchow South Star Bridge
  • Nanzin (Nanxun) 30n53 120e26 South Xun River
  • Ninghai 寧海 29n18 121e25 Tranquil Sea
  • Ningpo (Ningbo) 寧波 (Ninghsien ) 29n52 121e31 Tranquil Wave, Tranquil City
  • Ouszekiao (Ouziqiao) near Cicheng 29n59 121e26 Sing Think Bridge
  • Paitow (Paitou) 牌頭 29n36 120e08 Signboard Head   
  • Pehchengchilu 北城--sub-office in Kashing
  • Pinghu 平湖 30n42 121e01 Peace Lake  
  • Pingyang (Kunyang 昆陽)27n40 120e34 Peace Sun, Older Brother Sun
  • Pingyao 瓶窑 30n24 119e56  Vase Kiln
  • Pishihhsiangkou 巷口 sub-office in Hangchow    Fur Market Lane Mouth
  • Pokwan (Baiguan) 30n00 120e51 Hundred Government
  • Pukiang (Pujiang) (Puyang ) 29n27 119e52 Shore River, Shore River Sun
  • Puyüan 濮院 30n41 121e36
  • Sanjaopu (Sankiaopu, Sanqiaobu)  30n35 119e57
  • Shaohing (Shaoxing) 紹興 30n01 120e35 Join Flourish, Continuing Prosperity
  • Shahotow (Shahetou)  沙河30n06 121e16  Sand River Head
  • Shangyü 上虞 (Baiguan ) 30n00 120e51 Upper Danger, Hundred Government
  • Shanlien (Shanlian) 善璉 30n42 120e17 Virtuous Offering Vessel
  • Shenkiamen (Shenjiamen) 沈家門 29n57 122e17 Shen Family Gate
  • Shenshihkiao (Shenshiqiao) 沈市30n08 121e26 Shen Market Bridge
  • Shentang (Shendang) 30n34 120e50 Shen Pond
  • Shihmenwan (Shimenwan, Shimen)  門灣 30n37 120e26 Stone Gate Bend
  • Showchang (Shouchang) 壽昌 near Jiande 建德 29n21 119e13 Long Life Prosperous
  • Shunan (Chunan) 淳安 (Pailing 排嶺) 29n37 119e03 Honest Safe, Row Ridge
  • Siafangkiao (Xiafangqiao) 下方橋 30n08 120e32 Lower Square Bridge
  • Siangshan (Xiangshan) 象山 (Dancheng 丹城) 29n28 121e52 Elephant Mountain, Cinnabar City
  • Siaofeng (Xiaofeng) 孝豐 30n38 119e29 Dutiful Abundant
  • Siaoshan (Xiaoshan) 蕭山 30n10 120e16 Mournful Mountain
  • Siaowangmiao (Xiaowangmiao) 蕭王廟 29n42 121e21  Xiao King Temple
  • Siashih (Xiashi) 硖石 30n32 120e41 Xia Town Stone
  • Siehkiao (Xieqiao) 30n37 121e01 Inclined Bridge
  • Sienkü (Xianju) 仙居 28n51 120e43 Immortal Dwell
  • Sinchang (Xinchang) 新昌 29n30 120e53 New Prosperous
  • Sinchen (Xinchen) 新塍 near Jiaxing 30n46 120e45 New -- 
  • Sinshih (Xinshi) 新市 30n37 120e18 New Market
  • Sintai (Xindai) 新埭 30n49 121e05 New Dam
  • Sinteng (Xindeng) 29n59 119e44 New Ascend
  • Sitang (Xitang) 西30n57 120e52 West Pond
  • Songlin (Shuanglin)  30n47 120e19  Pair Forest
  • Süanping (Xuanping) 宣平 (Liucheng 柳城) 28n37 119e36 Announce Peace, Willow City
  • Suian (Sui'an) 遂安 29n29 118e44 (now underwater) Satisfy Safe
  • Suichang 遂昌 28n35 119e15 Satisfy Prosperous
  • Sungsia (Songxia) 崧厦 30n05 120e49 Lofty Mansion
  • Sungyang (Songyang) (Xiping 西屏) near Suichang 遂昌 28n27 119e29      Pine Sun, West Shield
  • Szean (Si'an) 泗安 30n54 119e39 Si River? Safe
  • Taishan (Daishan) 岱山 30n14 122e11 (Mount Tai in Shandong, a sacred mountain)
  • Taishun 泰順 (Luoyang 羅陽) 27n34 119e43 Safe Obey, Luo Sun
  • Takitow (Daqitou) 29n54 121e47   Great Watergate Head
  • Talu 大路 sub-office in Shaohing    Main Street
  • Tangki (Tangxi) 湯溪 29n03 119e23 Soup Creek
  • Tangsi (Tangxi, Tangqi) near Gongchenqiao 拱宸Pond Roost
  • Tiehchinglan(Tiejinglan) 鐵井欄 sub-office in Wenchow
  • Tientai (Tiantai) 天台 29n08 121e01 Heaven Platform
  • Tinghai (Dinghai) (Zhoushan 舟山) 30n01 122e06 Calm Sea, Boat Mountain
  • Tsinghuchen (Qinghuzhen, Qinghu)  28n40 118e35 Clear Lake Town
  • Tsingtien (Qingtian) 靑田 (Hecheng 合成?) 28n09 120e17 Blue Ricefield, Close City
  • Tsinyün (Jinyun) 縉雲 (Wuyun 五雲) 28n39 120e03  Red Silk Cloud, Five Cloud
  • Tsungteh (Chongde) (Chongfu 崇福) 30n32 120e26 Dignified Virtue,   Dignified Good Fortune
  • Tunghiang (Tongxiang) (Wutong 梧桐) 30n37 120e32 Aleurites Township, Storehouse Aleurites
  • Tungkiatiao (Dongjiatiao, Dongtiao) 董家跳 nnn (Dong 揰家跳 ? is a newer form) near Jiangshan 29n45 121e31
  • Tungkwan (Dongguan) 東關 30n06 120e49 East Pass
  • Tunglu (Tonglu) 29n48 119e39 Aleurites Cottage
  • Tungshihchen (Dongshizhen) near Ningbo
  • Tungyang (Dongyang) (Wuning 武寧) 29n15 120e13 East Sun, Military Tranquil
  • Tzeki 谿 (Cicheng ) 29n59 121e26 Gentle Creek, Gentle Honest
  • Wangtien (Wangdian) 王店 30n37 120e42 King Inn
  • Weiping 威平 29n44 118e47 Power Peace  iron mine
  • Weishan 巍山 29n20 120e24 Mongolia Mountain
  • Wenchow (Wenzhou) (Yungkia 永嘉) 28n01 120e39 Warm City, Forever Excellent
  • Wenkiayen (Wenjiayan, Wenyan) 聞家堰 30n08 120e10 Wen Family Dam
  • Wenling 温嶺 28n22 121e21 Warm Ridge
  • Wuchen (Wuzhen) 30n45 120e29 Crow Town
  • Wufu 五夫 near Yüyao 餘姚 and Shangyu 上虞 30n01 120e52 Five Men  
  • Wuhing (Wuxing) (Huchow, Huzhou 湖州) 30n52 120e06 Wu Province Flourish, Lake City
  • Wukang (Wugang) near Hangzhou  杭州 30n15 120e10 Military Mound
  • Wuyi 武義 28n53 119e47 Military Righteousness
  • Yotsing (Yueqing) 樂清 28n08 120e57 Cheerful Pure
  • Yüanhua (Yuanhua) 袁花 30n24 120e46 Robe Flower
  • Yühang (Linping 臨平) 30n25 120e18 Reminder Hang, Approach Safe
  • Yühwan (Yuhuan) 玉環 28n08 121e14 (on Yuhuan Dao) Jade Ring
  • Yungkang (Yongkang) 永康 (Guli 古麗) 28n52 120e02 Forever Peaceful, Ancient  Beautiful
  • Yünhwo (Yunhe) 雲和 28n07 119e34 Cloud Together
  • Yütsien (Yuqian) 於潛 30n11 119e24 In Hidden
  • Yüyao 餘姚 30n03 121e09 Reminder Yao Family
  • Zakow (Zhakou) 閘口(near Hangzhou on Qiantang River) Sluice Mouth                                                       



FUKIEN – Fujian 福建 Happy Establishment 海口埠

  • Amoy 厦門 (Hsiamen, Ssuming, Xiamen )  24n28 117e58 Tall Gate, Think Bright
  • Anhai 24n39 118e29 Safe Sea
  • Anki (Anxi) 安溪 (Fengcheng 鳳城) 25n03 118e11 Safe Creek, Phoenix City
  • Changhufan (Zhanghuban) 湖坂 26n24 118e29 Camphor Tree Lake Slope
  • Changping (Zhangping) (Jingcheng 晋城) 25n17 117e24 Chang River Peace
  • Changpu (Zhangpu) (Suian 綏安) 24n06 117e37 Chang River Shore, Pacify Safe
  • Changtai 長泰 24n37 117e45 Long Safe
  • Changting 長汀(Tingchow, Tingzhou ) 25n52 116e19 Long Shoal, Shoal City
  • Chanyang (Zhanyang) 瞻陽 near Fuqing 25n31 119e28 Look Sun
  • Chaoan (Zhaoan) 詔安 (Nanzhao 南詔) 23n43 116e35 Order Safe, South Order
  • Chengho (Zhenghe) 政和 (Xiongshan 熊山)27n22 118e50 Government Together, Bear Mountain
  • Chinchiang 晋江 (Chüanchow, Quanzhou 泉州) 24n55 118e35 Chin Dynasty River, Spring City
  • Chungan (Chongan, Chongcheng) 崇安 27n45 118e01 Esteem Calm
  • Diongloh (Changle) 長樂 25n58 119e31 Long Cheerful
  • Engteng (Yungting 永定, Fengcheng ) 24n44 116e44 Forever Calm, Abundant City
  • Fengshih (Fengshi) 24n40 116e35 (Feng is not right) Peak Stone
  • Fengting 楓亭 25n15 118e50 Maple Pavillion
  • Foochow (Fuzhou)  福州 (Minhow 閔侯) 26n04 119e17 Happiness Prefecture, Compassionate Marquis                
  • Tamuiga
  • Foochow Arsenal
  • Fuan 福安 (Hanyang 韓陽) 27n05 119e38 Good Fortune Safe,Han Sun
  • Fuhsinchieh 福新sub-office in Foochow Happiness New Street
  • Fukouchieh (Fukoujie)  府口sub-office in Tsinkiang   Palace Mouth Street
  • Futing (Fuding) 福鼎 27n20 120e13 HappinessThriving
  • Futsing (Fuqing) 福清 (Rongcheng 容城) 25n43 119e23  Happiness Pure, Fit City
  • Haikow (Haikou) 25n41 119e28 Sea Gateway
  • Haiteng (Haidang, Haicheng) 海澄 24n24 117e50 Sea Pure
  • Hankong (Hanjiang) 25n28 119e06 Contain River
  • Hengshanlu sub-office in Foochow   Across Mountain Road
  • Hinghwa, Hinghwafu (Xinghuafu) 興化府 renamed Putien, see below
  • Hunglai (Honglai) 洪瀨 25n05 118e31 Flood Rapids
  • Hunglu (Honglu) 宏路 25n42 119e17 Wide Road
  • Hungshankiao sub-office in Foochow    Flood Mountain Bridge
  • Hushih (Hushi) 笏石 25n19 119e05 Tablet Stone
  • Hwaan 華安 (Hwafeng, Huafeng )  25n01 117e31 Magnificent Safe, Magnificent Abundant
  • Hweian (Huian) 惠安 (Luocheng 羅城) 25n02 118e47 Beneficial Safe, Luo City
  • Kanshih (Kanshi) 坎市 24n55 116e54 Threshhold Market
  • Kaosanshih (Gaoshanshi, Gaoshan) 高山市 25n28 119e33 High Mountain Market
  • Kiangkow (Jiangkou) 江口 25n29 119e11 River Mouth
  • Kienning (Jianning, Jianingfu) 建寧府 26n49 116e50 Establishment Tranquil
  • Kienow (Jianou) 建甌 27n03 118e19 Establishment Bowl
  • Kienyang (Jianyang) 建陽 27n18 118e06 Establishment Sun
  • Kikow (Xikou) 溪口 near Lianfeng 25n42 116e45 many
  • Kikow (Xikou) 溪口東 near Xianyou 25n22 118e41
  • Kintsing (Jinjing) 24n34 118e35 Gold Well
  • Kulangsü (Gulangyu) 鼓浪嶼 sub-office in Amoy   Drum Wave Island (sound of the surf)
  • Kuliang (near or sub-office in Foochow) Drum Mountain Range (sound of the wind)
  • Kuseu (Huyu) 扈嶼 25n54 119e20 Hu Island
  • Kushan (Gushan) near 26n04 119e24   Drum Mountain
  • Kutien (Gutian) 古田 (Xincheng---) 26n35 118e44 Ancient Ricefield
  • Kwantow (Guantou) 琯頭 26n08 119e32 Jade Instrument Head
  • Lanku (Langu) 27n55 118e13 Lan Mountain Valley
  • Lengyong (Ningyang?) 寧洋? near Yongan 永安 25n59 117e22
  • Liencheng (Liancheng) (Lianfeng) 25n42 116e45 Join City
  • Lienkong (Lianjiang) (Fengcheng 鳳城)  26n11 119e32 Lotus River, Phoenix City
  • Loyang (Luoyang) 洛陽 24n57 118e41 Luo Sun
  • Loyüan (Luoyuan) 26n29 119e32 Luo Source
  • Lungki (Changchou, Zhangzhou ) 24n31 117e40 Dragon Creek, Chang River City
  • Lungtien (Longtian) 龍田 25n36 119e27 Dragon Field 
  • Lungyen (Longyan) 25n06 117e01 Dragon Cliff
  • Mamoi (Mawei) 馬尾 26n00 119e27 Horse Tail
  • Minshenglu 民生sub-office in Amoy   People Life Road
  • Mintsing (Minqing) (Meicheng 梅城) 26n13 118e51 Min River Clear, Plum City
  • Naman (Nan'an) 南安 (Ximei) 24n58 118e23 South Safe
  • Nanchieh sub-office in Foochow    South Street
  • Nansü (Nanjeui, Nanyu) 南嶼 25n59 119e13 South Island
  • Nantsing (Nanjing) 南靖 (Jingcheng 靖城) 24n34 117e30
  • Nanya 南雅 26n52 118e17 South Elegant
  • Ninghwa (Ninghua) 寧化 (Cuijiang 翠江) 26n16 116e38 Tranquil Transform, Green River
  • Ningteh (Ningde)  26n39 119e31 Tranquil Virtue
  • Pagoda Anchorage – Foochow (Luoxingta 星塔) Star-Studded Pagoda  (near Mamoi at the Min River)
  • Paishuiying (Baishuiying, Baishui) 白水 24n20 117e52 White Water Trade,
  • Pinghwo (Pinghuo) 平和 (Jiufeng 九峰) 24n15 117e01 Peace Harmony, Nine Peak
  • Pingnam (Pingnan) 屏南 26n56 119e02 Screen South