Revised February 1, 2014



Beneden lower

Boven - upper


Albina 5n30 54w03

Aruba 12n30 68w58

Beneden Commewijne 5n45 54w55

Beneden Saramacca 5n40 55w35

Bonaire 12n10 68w15

Boven Para river boat on the Para River, a branch of the Suriname River

Boven Suriname 4n01 55e23 upper Suriname I and II

Commewijne river and district

Coronie 5n52 56w23

Ferry Dienst (Ferrij Dienst) ferry service

Nieuw Nickerie 5n57 56w59

Saba 17n38 63w10

Saint Martin 18n04 63w04

Sarama ?



Suriname over St. Nazaire

Suriname over Southampton

Suriname via Plymouth